The Band

Charlie Hall

Charlie is a songwriter/pastor based in Oklahoma City, where he is the Pastor of Worship Arts and Liturgy at Frontline Church. He has been writing songs for the Church and leading congregations across the world for more than 20 years, and has been a part of many adventures within the Church’s constant engagement with creativity, adoration, servitude, and prayer in the lyric of God’s Good News.

Charlie’s ever-growing roles in his church, and in churches across the land have led him into speaking engagements sharing his experiences as a songwriter working to capture the beauty and power of the cross, as it collides with the bright and dark, and every space between, in the life of a believer. He reflects deeply on the challenges of communicating God’s massive and strange story in ways that can be sung and prayed by all kinds of churches, in faithfulness to the Gospel and responsiveness to their communities. He is working in continuing seminary study in theology and worship, while serving the people of Frontline Church’s congregations in central Oklahoma.

As an independent artist, grounded in a community, Charlie continues to write his thoughtful, Gospel- breathing music with his friends in Oklahoma CIty and beyond, releasing full-length albums such as 2013’s The Death Of Death, liturgically-driven EPs like the Advent EP, and contributing tracks to the Verses Project. He is writing and shepherding the musicians and worship pastors
at Frontline, and in the OKC community, to grow in the wisdom and the knowledge of God, and to bring it to bear in their psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

The Gear

Avalon Legacy A25 Acoustic
LR Baggs DI
Fender American Telecaster
Stulce Amp
D’Addario Strings
DMB Pedals Stellar Drive
Aviom Monitoring
Walrus Audio Pedals

Quint Anderson

Having been part of the band since 2004, Quint has seen his share of adventures in music creation and world travel. Bringing a joyful and thoughtful influence of electronic music and post-punk rock and roll, Quint is often at the leading edge of exciting new ideas in the band’s creative process. Resident gear-expert, he often points us to try new gadgets and musical tools, hopefully without injury or arrest. He is the band manager for the Charlie Hall Band and is also an Account Executive at Traction.

Quint lives in Oklahoma City with his wife Micheal and son Rad.

The Gear

Quint expounds the low-end theory with the following equations:
D’Addario Strings
Shure In-Ears
Aviom Monitoring
Walrus Audio Pedals

Dustin Ragland

Now the old man in the band (next to Charlie, naturally), Dustin has been on the drums and electronics alongside Charlie since 2003, though he met Charlie while playing Very Loud Rock while he was in high school. Dustin is also a producer, engineer, and songwriter (as Young Weather) in Oklahoma City, where he has a small studio called Mir. He might be recognized by his incurable walking habit that follows him whether out on tour, or going to get lunch. Dustin also teaches some production and studio classes as an adjunct professor at ACM@UCO, a local music university. He lives in Oklahoma City with his wife Becca, daughter Adah, and Luna the dog.

The Gear

Dustin puts four, and sometimes five, on the floor with the following tools:
C and C Custom Drums: 24×16 kick, 16×16 floor tom, 12×8 tom, and 14×7 snare
Istanbul Agop Signature Ride, and Sultan hats and crash
Yamaha 14×5.5 Copper Snare
Vic Firth Zoro Signature Sticks
Evans Genera Coated, G2 Coated Heads
Akai XR20 Drum Machine
Ableton Live
Logic Pro
Electro-Harmonix Memory Man w/ Hazarai
Shure E5 In-ears
Aviom Monitoring
Walrus Audio Pedals

Ben Freeman

A gifted, thoughtful songwriter and worship leader as well, Ben has been bringing his creative skills to bear with the band since 2008, taking on a full time role in 2011 as guitarist and keyboardist. He is a worship pastor at New Covenant United Methodist in Edmond, Oklahoma, and is active in the local music scene as a diversely skilled guitarist, and continually writes and records original music from his home studio, The Villa. Ben is also the best golfer in the band, although he is perhaps the only golfer in the band. He lives in Oklahoma City, with his wife Lindsay, kiddos Gabby and Abraham, and pups Lilly and Fender.

The Gear

Ben plays Fender and Gretsch guitars.
D’Addario Strings
Boss SD-1 and BD-2, both Keeley mods.
EHX Sparkle Drive
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah
Fulltone Supa-Trem
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Eventide TimeFactor Delay
Line6 M9
Akai MPK 49
Ableton Live 8
Aviom Monitoring
Westone ES3 In-ears
CMAT Mods Deluxe Compressor
Walrus Audio Voyager