Hymnody Album Credits

Hymnody is the writing and living out of sacred songs…this idea is huge and beautiful.

In brief…on April 12, 2012 my band and I met up, we talked about the songs we had been writing and the Hymns we were reworking and loving and the depth of what they were saying. We decided to document the songs because they had been birthed in heritage, theology, community and the revelation of what Jesus Christ did as he lived, was crucified, and then raised. On May 7th, 2012 we started in the studio and worked for 6 days, sent it off to mix and master, and by the end of May we were holding in our hands the final. It was fast and furious but so much fun. I’m grateful for my band; these guys are incredible musicians and humans. And they dug in and made this work.

Special thanks to all the people that worked on this and to Mitch and Christa Houston who served us in a really huge way at Studio 57 in Cashion OK. I also want to say a special thanks to Frontline Church and my friends and pastors there who have stirred my heart for God. I’m more grateful for my heritage in the Baptist Church as well. I grew up with Hymns but of course didn’t understand the rich depth that awaited me in the future. I’ve also been grateful for the revelation of my own brokenness over the last decade. That’s what makes these lyrics come to life, and what makes the cross and resurrection become so powerful to me. Lastly, I’m grateful for the moment God has me in now. Knowing Him in my brokenness and in a community that knows they are broken but still pursues God and all He is.

Produced by dustin Ragland
Mixed by shane Wilson
Mastered by kevin Lively
Edited by kendall Combes
Recorded at studio 57 studiofiveseven.org
Artwork by sethy McCarroll
Song arrangements by charlie Hall and dustin Ragland with the Hall band
Acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals by charlie Hall
Electric guitar and backing vocals ben Freeman
Bass guitar and key bass by quint Anderson
Drums and programming by dustin Ragland
Viola, toms, and whale vocals by chris Clark
Keyboards, synth, and piano by nick Hughes

Additional backing vocals by joel Limpic
Gang choir by North Canadian River Valley Community Co-Op Gospel singers:
ben Hill, matt & kaylee Vauhgn, matt Polk, baylor Judd, audrey Witt, ben Freeman, quint Anderson, allie Halford, emory Clark, abby Leanord, charlie Hall, christa Houston, and liv Hall

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Copyrights sixstepsrecords/worshiptogether

Rock Of Ages
Words & Music by Augustus Montague Toplady
Additional Words & Music by Charlie Hall 2012

Revive Us Again
Words & Music by W.P. Mackay

Give Us Clean Hands
Words & Music by Charlie Hall
Additional Words & Music by Charlie Hall 2011

Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
Words & Music by Charles Wesley & Lyra Davidica
Additional Words & Music by Charlie Hall 2012

We Exalt You
Words & Music by Pete Sanchez
Additional Words & Music by Charlie Hall & Joel Limpic 2011

Solid Rock
Words & Music by Edward Mote & William Bradbury