Death of Death Album Credits

Produced by Dustin Ragland, with Charlie Hall Band
Recorded at Blackwatch Studios, Mir Studios, Studio 57
Engineered by Jarod Evans and Dustin Ragland
Mixed by Shane Wilson
Mastered by Kevin Lively
Art Design by Seth Mccarroll
Photography by Rex Barrett

Drums & Programming by Dustin Ragland
Bass by Quint Anderson
Electric Guitar, BGV’s by Ben Freeman
Synth & Piano by Nick Hughes
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, BGVS by Charlie Hall
Viola, Toms, and additional backing vocals by Chris Clark
Additional backing vocals by Joel Limpic

Gang choir by North Canadian River Valley Community Co-Op Gospel singers: 
 Ben Hill, Matt & Kaylee Vauhgn, Matt Polk, Baylor Judd, Courtney Gilpin, Caren Barge, Jessica Gullo, Audrey Witt, Ben Freeman, Quint Anderson, Allie Halford, Emery Clark, Abby Leanord, Charlie Hall, Christa Houston, Tyler Herman, Justin Coffee, Nick Hughes, and Liv Hall (my daughter)

A Genuine Thank You to
Our families & friends- who provide us with love, laughter and support, Frontline church- who I’ve received so much from and much of this record was birthed out of my spiritual community there, my band-who has traveled, poured into and walked with me creatively and spiritually, everyone who participated in this record, my awesome friends and family at Sixsteps records and Worshiptogether, our Kickstarter friends and all the great folks who have supported our music live, special thanks to Ben Hill, Ken Dunlap for such great ground support here in OKC

Endorsements & Sponsorships
Daddario, Planet Waves, C&C custom drums, Evans Drums Heads, Heart Beat cymbals, Gallien-Kruger amps, Walrus Audio, Mono Case, PreSonus, Avalon Guitars, GC Pro, Stulce amps, LR Baggs, Aviom

Copyrights sixstepsrecords/worshiptogether